local heritage

Two great masters of life and of distilling: our mother, who taught us respect and patience, and our father, who instilled in us a taste for giving our very best today while knowing that tomorrow we can do even better.
The rule is simple: proper distillation means respect for those who came before us, as well as will to innovate, gratitude towards tradition and the ambition to continue improving.
It all started from an idea of our father, Vincenzo, who in 1956 decided to open a distillery in Faver, in the heart of Valle di Cembra, also known as the valley of (more or less acknowledged) Distillers. It was not easy, but his strong will and dedication bore their fruits, namely excellent grappas and elegant eaux-de-vie. In 1983, the new generation, i.e. Bruno, boosted innovation with revolutionary courage both in the distillery and in the range of grappas. Later on, he was joined by Ivano who brought a new wave of enthusiasm that resulted in the opening of the new distillery in Portegnac, just outside Faver, in 2001. This peaceful place jealously hides a part of the history of Valle di Cembra, renowned for being an ancient haven of water and of spirit.

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