The making of our Gin is a complex process. It is like a Curling match, as we show on the label, where players need skill, training, passion, patience and a bit of luck.

We learned a lot about Gin from expert friends and from an exposition of our old pot-still at the Jenever museum in Hasselt. Many people think Jenever could be the "father" of modern Gin. Then the idea became real when we started looking for the herbs growing in the mountain woods of Cembra Valley where we live, together with other herbs and peels not growing there to guarantee the right complexity to the Gin.

The mountains of our valley have another important gift for us distillers: pure mountain spring water, springing from porphyr rock so it doesn't contain minerals. This "acqua leggera" (light water) is the perfect water for distillation.

Our tradition as distillers from Trentino is to distill Grappa and Fruit Brandy , the distillation of a Gin is different but the patience needed to obtain a good distillate is the same and we know that really well.

The GinPilz is suits with a good quality Tonic Water not too sparkling, some ice and a slice of Lime.

When drunk alone has a good Juniper smell, then lemon and orange that with the other herbs build a complex and persistent perfume. The taste is pleasant as well even if there is no added sugar.

Finally we think the "curling match" is not yet finished, the Pilzers (shortened as Pilz the german word for mushroom) will keep working to find the herb that will better this Gin such that it becomes the GinPilz.

We want it to be a complex Gin but not an artificial one, something that remembers our Cembra Valley in the Dolomites Mountains, something that tastes of Juniper or more simply an Italian Gin.

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