Distilling is not a simple craft. It is an art based on knowledge, patience, skill and vision. For us, to distill with care and passion shows respect for all those who came before us. We have the desire to innovate, the experience of having produced excellent results and the ambition to improve. This is the philosophy of our family.

In 1957 our father, Vincenzo opened a small distillery. Since then we have considered grappa not just as a spirit, but as part of our lives, as something we love. The land where we live and work, Valle di Cembra, gives us inspiration because of its centuries long tradition of grappa making. Our oenological background constantly pushes us to improve our grappa. The modesty of our father has always kept our enthusiasm under control, and the energy and the teachings that our mother left us are with us everyday. "Wise Saverio" who for years helped us and taught us the many secrets of the art of stilling used to say: "Don't think too far ahead. To distill, it takes time. Never hurry!".

We are located in Faver, an ancient town located in the center of the Valle di Cembra, on the side of a mountain whose old sinister name of Mount Vulture, which was changed to Monte Pincaldo. Our new distillery is located in Portegnac on the edge of the wine-growing territory of Valle di Cembra. It seemed to be the most natural place in the world for distilling because is rich in the special water that helps make our grappa unique. Nearby rises Mount Castrum, as the Ancient Romans used to call it. It was a place where the ancient Celts invoked their spirits.

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